Practicing Veterinary Medicine and Owning a Dog in Colorado Springs

animal dental care and oral surgery - dog and owner standing on a mountain top after a hike

Practicing Veterinary Medicine and Owning a Dog in Colorado Springs


 Colorado Springs, one of the most dog-friendly cities in America. 


After graduating from The Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992, I spent the first 12 years of my career practicing in suburban Maryland outside of Washington, DC. In 2004 my wife and I decided that we wanted to continue to raise our four children in her native state of Colorado. So I sold my clinic, packed up the family and we headed west.

We landed in Colorado Springs and have been in love with the Pikes Peak region ever since! It doesn’t take long for someone to realize that Colorado is a dog lover’s paradise. It has frequently been ranked as one of America’s most pet-friendly states. In fact, Colorado Springs was ranked as the most dog-friendly city in a 2007 Forbes survey and has remained around the top of the list since.


our pup maddie

Our Pup Maddie


The Many Reasons We Love Owning a Dog in Colorado Springs


Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails Abound

We are a state of “outdoor people,” and where we go, our dogs go with us. The walking and hiking opportunities for dog owners in Colorado Springs are endless. Our family favorite location to hike with Maddie, our pit-bull mix, is Cheyenne Canyon. We have lived in the region for over 15 years and we are still finding new areas of the canyon that we have yet to hike with Maddie.

Red Rocks Canyon Open Space is another place we have grown to love. If we want less rugged terrain for a good walk with Maddie, we will often head to our world-famous Garden of the Gods park. As we have ventured outside of the Pikes Region with Maddie, she has summited three of Colorado’s 14,000-foot mountains. Where we go, Maddie almost always goes with us!


Beautiful and Abundant Dog Parks

If a Colorado Springs resident likes social opportunities for their dog, there are abundant dog parks around the city. The most popular spot might be the expansive Bear Creek Dog Park on the west side of town with spectacular views of America’s Mountain, Pike’s Peak.


Canine-Friendly Restaurants Galore

Perhaps the most surprising and enjoyable change for us upon moving to Colorado Springs was the number of dog-friendly restaurants across the region. Remember, where we go, so go our dogs! This is simply not the case for many other regions of the country.

Phantom Canyon Brewery, Pizzeria Rustica and Bon Ton’s Café are just a few of the many local restaurants with dog-friendly patios. Our family favorite has become Ivywild School. Whichever dining establishment you choose for dog and family, you can assume a bowl of fresh water will be provided tableside for your pooch.

Even drive-through kiosks, such as the iconic Dutch Bros. Coffee, are well stocked with dog treats when your canine buddy is along for the ride. When my coffee is passed to me in my car, Maddie is always expecting her treat immediately after.


Practicing Veterinary Medicine in Colorado Springs


One of the most enjoyable aspects of moving to Colorado Springs was becoming a member of the local veterinary community. Colorado has over 1,900 veterinarians with many of the best right here in Colorado Springs.

For my first five years in Colorado, I was part of the general practice community and owned a clinic in Woodland Park, the “city above the clouds,” outside Colorado Springs. I then spent two years as an emergency veterinarian at Animal Emergency Care Center at the Veterinary Specialty Center.

In 2011 I started my dental residency through the American Veterinary Dental College and passed my board exam in 2015. Since then I have become the owner of Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery. If you had told me over 15 years ago that I would be a board-certified veterinary dental specialist in Colorado performing root canals and numerous other oral surgeries, I would have never believed you.

Not only do I get to care for the patients of my referring veterinarians, but I also have the joy of helping to teach them the art of veterinary dentistry through our numerous courses and wet labs that we provide at Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery.


Serving in the Veterinary Community 

Veterinary dentistry is my obvious passion, but working in multiple veterinary disciplines during my time in Colorado Springs has given me the chance to meet and befriend so many of the members of our world-class veterinary community.

One of my favorite opportunities to meet and serve my fellow local veterinarians was serving as the President of the Colorado Springs Area Veterinary Society in 2015. For the past 8 years, I have been able to help meet the pet dental care needs of our veterinary community through numerous continuing education and countless referral opportunities.

We are most certainly a vibrant veterinary community in Colorado Springs, serving and living in perhaps the best dog-friendly state in America!


Image by bodyxplorer from Pixabay (4/1/2019)