Pet Dental Cleanings

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Colorado Springs

Keeping up with annual comprehensive oral health treatments (COHAT) is a way to tackle small problems that may lead to bigger problems and additional costs down the road. Our pets are instinctively wired to hide pain and hide it well. When COHAT’s are done annually, the time they are under general anesthesia is potentially lessened, recovery is faster, and we are more likely to keep them pain-free!

What Happens During My Pet's Dental Cleaning?

When a dental cleaning, or comprehensive oral health treatment (COHAT) is performed, the pet is placed under general anesthesia to allow for a full radiographic or Cone Beam CT diagnostic evaluation. Some abnormalities that can be seen on X-rays or Cone Beam CT include tooth root abscesses, teeth fractured below the gumline, and non-vital (dead) teeth that may be causing pain or discomfort in a pet’s mouth.

Once that is complete the veterinarian will do a full anesthetized oral exam to check for periodontal pockets, loose teeth, oral masses, and any other abnormalities that may be difficult to see on an awake oral exam.

After comparing the oral exam to the diagnostic images, the veterinarian will call and discuss treatment options while a Registered Veterinary Technician is ultrasonically scaling the teeth above and below the gumline. This is done simultaneously to minimize the time your pet is under anesthesia.

Once the teeth are clean, the technician will then polish each tooth surface and dry out the mouth to ensure all debris from the cleaning is removed. Polishing will smooth the tooth surface and make it less likely for plaque to reform on the crown and below the gumline. The veterinarian will then perform any necessary treatments discussed with the pet owner to complete the COHAT.

Pet Dental Cleaning Package

Your pets COHAT package includes:

  • A complete awake physical exam
  • Pre-anesthetic blood panel – We test all organ functions prior to anesthesia to identify problems and make anesthesia as safe as possible.
  • IV Catheter, Fluids, General Anesthesia & Sophisticated Electronic Monitoring – We are highly trained and experienced in pet anesthesia, and you can be assured your dog or cat’s anesthesia will be individualized to their specific needs and your pet will be closely monitored throughout the entire process.
  • Cone Beam CT will allow us to get a full picture of your pet’s oral cavity and identify periodontal disease, fractured teeth or any other concerns that is not visible without digital radiography. Digital capabilities allow us to immediately assess the imaging, allowing for shorter anesthetic periods.
  • Thorough, professional teeth cleaning & teeth polishing. Polishing the teeth leaves them smooth and less susceptible to rapid accumulation of tartar and bacteria.
  • Copies of your pet’s dental radiographic imaging and dental charts
  • Peace of mind knowing your pet is receiving the gold standard in veterinary dental care that can prevent painful dental disease and save costs down the road

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