Animal Dental Care & Oral Surgery is pleased to offer dental training classes for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Dr. Vall and Dr. Woodward are board certified in veterinary dentistry, and have trained over a thousand doctors and technicians in practical veterinary dental techniques. High instructor to student ratios and excellent equipment ensure a quality training experience for all participants.

  • In just two days in the Level I and II classes, you and your staff can learn all of the techniques needed to deliver 90% of all the dental problems encountered in small animal practice.
  • Eight CE credits are available for the Level I and Level II classes.
  • Classes are a combination of lecture and wet lab, and include detailed handouts, breakfast, lunch, lab materials, individual specimens, and complimentary instrument sets.
  • Unlike most wet labs held at national meetings, you do not waste a lot of time waiting for materials or instruction. Every participant has their own set of instrumentation and specimen.

Registration Information

  • For current class availability or to be placed on the notification list for new class dates, please call 719-536-9949.
  • Class availability and scheduling is consistently changing as we add additional dates to meet the demand for training.
  • Classes fill quickly, be sure you are on our list!

Detailed Course Information

    • Level I Course

      Limited to 15 participants, with three instructors. This class is approved for 8 hours of continuing education credits. Tuition for this class is $495

      This workshop covers the skills and information needed by all doctors and technicians to enable delivery of quality dental care. We are committed toward helping you implement a higher level of dental care in your practice. This requires training for both the doctor and technical staff. At a minimum, one interested doctor and one interested technician should attend the level I class, while the doctor should stay for the level II class. Sending only a technician who has no interest in dental care to class rarely creates any lasting change in a practice.

      Some doctors elect to skip this class, thinking the material to be too basic. Almost all of them return to take this class at a later date. Save yourself the extra trip. The level I class covers skills that doctors should know about, but that the technical staff should have primary responsibility for providing. Why should doctors attend this class? Because you need to judge the quality of your staff’s work, need to explain how to correct improper technique, need to be able to interpret dental films and need to train your new technician when another practice gladly hires away your dental-savvy technician!!

      The Level I class is for both technicians and doctors, is limited to 15 participants, and covers the 12-step dental cleaning procedure, oral pathology, instrumentation used in cleaning, equipment, dental radiology, interpretation of dental radiographs. digital dental radiography systems, utilization of digital systems to promote client acceptance of treatment plans, dental charting, and implementing a higher level of dental care in a general practice. This class will give you the skills required to provide a good cleaning procedure and identify oral pathology. Every participant will produce full-mouth dental radiographs on dogs and cats, using Dr. Woodward’s simplified technique for positioning dental radiographs. Finding and assessing common dental pathology is the single most important dental skill a practice can acquire. The wet lab portion focuses on obtaining diagnostic dental radiographs utilizing canine and feline cadaver specimens. Sharpening of hand instruments and general equipment questions are also covered during the lab session. Each participant also receives a complimentary instrument set ($75 retail value) to take home with them.

    • Level II Course

      The Level II class is for doctors only and is limited to 8 veterinarians with two instructors and one assistant. This class is approved for 8 hours of continuing education credits. Tuition for this class is $850

      This class is for veterinarians only and will covers the common techniques needed to deliver the bulk of all dental care required for your patients. Simulated lesions are created on cadaver specimens, and the participants then “treat” the pathology. Each participant has their own work station equipped with everything needed for the class, and will receive a brand new dental instrument set ($140 retail value). No more sharing dull bent instruments in lab!!

      This class focuses on oral surgery, covering surgical extraction technique, easy retrieval of fractured roots using a technique published by Dr. Woodward, repair of oronasal fistulas, introduction to periodontal surgery, local/regional anesthesia and bonded sealants for fractured teeth with exposed vital dentin. Discussions in this class are far-ranging and usually include in-depth discussion of dental economics in veterinary practice. Two instructors and one assistant for eight participants ensures a high level of individual attention. The doctors are never more than a few minutes away from overseeing your work. You don’t have to ask for help, they never stop going from one student to the next. Each participant has a brand-new, sharp, extraction instrument set to use and then take home with them. We provide all other equipment and materials you need, all in good working order. Each participant works at their own work station with their own set of ancillary materials. No sharing of equipment means no waiting around.

    • Why Choose Our Veterinary Dental Classes

      You certainly have a variety of choices for obtaining training in veterinary dentistry. There are a few reasons to consider coming to Colorado Springs for training. National meetings can provide good lecture CE depending on the speaker, but rarely do they provide a quality lab training experience. There is no substitute for a training facility that is well-equipped by the instructor to deliver quality training. The equipment, the people and the facility all add up to well-organized classes designed to maximize your training time. Compare this to a national meeting where equipment may depend on who is sponsoring the lab, instructors who may depend on others for facility preparation, extreme variability in the qualifications of the lab instructors, limited and variable equipment, having to share instruments, etc.

      With our classes you will take home a brand new set of instruments and/or materials that you used in the labs and will be able to put to use immediately in your practice. These instrument/material sets have been carefully selected to represent the state-of-the-art in veterinary dentistry. Much of the equipment and materials marketed for veterinary dentistry are outmoded or simply do not work together. We have taken the guesswork out of what you need to practice quality dentistry, and then teach you how to use the materials.


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