Planning for a New Pet’s Dental Care

Planning for a New Pet’s Dental Care

Considering a new addition to your family, whether it’s an older pet or a playful puppy or kitten? At Animal Dental Care & Oral Surgery, we emphasize the significance of proactively planning for your pet’s dental health throughout their life.

Start by prioritizing regular veterinary care for your pet, including an annual dental exam and cleaning. Beware of misconceptions surrounding anesthesia-free dental care —it’s essential for your pet to receive professional dental care from a qualified veterinarian.

If you’re adopting from a shelter, ensure your new dog or cat undergoes a thorough examination by a veterinarian, and schedule their annual dental cleaning and exam. For those bringing home a puppy or kitten, initiate home care early to familiarize them with tooth brushing and examinations.

Explore our resources on home dental care for dogs and cats, outlining steps you can take at home to promote optimal pet dental health, just as you would for the rest of your family.

Remember, bringing a pet into your home is a significant commitment that demands care from the entire family. The joy, companionship, and loyalty your new dog or cat brings will undoubtedly enrich the lives of everyone in your household.

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