Dental Imaging

Dental Imaging

Quality veterinary dentistry relies on the indispensable role of dental radiology. Essential for all our procedures, dental radiographs, including Cone Beam CT imaging, are integral to ensuring the highest standards of care.

At Animal Dental Care & Oral Surgery, we take pride in being pioneers as the first veterinary facility in Colorado to incorporate cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) technology for the benefit of our patients.

While digital dental radiographs have been a cornerstone in veterinary dentistry diagnostics, full-mouth dental radiographs have emerged as a critical tool in diagnosing dental diseases in dogs and cats. Considered the minimum standard of care for veterinary dental patients, these 2-dimensional images, while effective, pose limitations in terms of time efficiency and anesthesia duration.

To overcome these limitations, we leverage cutting-edge technology, providing immediate access to images and facilitating accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Our employment of digital veterinary dental imaging and CBCT enables us to capture radiographic images of your pet’s teeth swiftly, identifying periodontal disease, fractured teeth, and other dental concerns that would remain invisible without such advanced radiographic imaging.

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