Intro to Feline Dentistry CE in Colorado Springs

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Intro to Feline Dentistry CE in Colorado Springs


Feline dentistry is a unique and often challenging part of veterinary dentistry. Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery’s dental training center offers a full day course in feline dentistry which builds upon the Introduction to Veterinary Dentistry and Radiology and Introduction to Veterinary Oral Surgery courses. Dr. MJ Redman, a board-certified veterinary dentist and Dr. Melissa Guillory, a veterinary dentistry resident, are both certified feline crazy and have taught numerous veterinarians the intricacies of feline oral pathology and tooth extraction in this relatively new course.

This full-day course allows for an in-depth discussion of feline oral pathology, a step-by-step guide to extractions as well as complications of extractions. The importance of feline-friendly handling is also discussed during the morning lectures. The afternoon allows for the practical application of the morning’s principles.

A minimum of two instructors are present to allow for a high instructor-to-student ratio. Additional topics discussed during the lab portion include local anesthetic blocks and cerclage wiring in traumatic symphyseal fracture repair.


Feline-Focused CE


Many dentistry courses focus on canine dental pathology and extractions. However, at our training center, we realize the importance of having a course dedicated to feline oral dentistry. This course can be taken at any time, but it is recommended to complete our Introduction courses first in order to obtain the maximum benefit.

Attendees have provided a wealth of positive feedback after taking our feline dentistry course as they have gained increased confidence in decision-making skills and extraction techniques.

“Thanks for an excellent overview of feline dentistry. My first procedure day back I had a technician owned kitty that required extraction of both maxillary canines, both mandibular M1’s, and had severe type 2 resorption of maxillary premolars.  I felt more confident in all of my treatment decisions!  I will surely reach out to your practice with questions in the future.  Thanks again for sharing your expertise!  We will continue to send associate veterinarians to your courses!” – Hal Hawkins, Santa Rosa, California


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Colorado Springs is a destination location for many of our students that attend one of our courses. It is not unusual for our attendees to take part in our classes and then “head for the hills” to enjoy the beauty of Colorado. Winter provides a plethora of skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities. And, Colorado is not just a “fun in the snow” state. Our summers are glorious with hiking, camping, fishing and white-water rafting opportunities throughout the state.

If you are a veterinarian or veterinary technician who is interested in participating in one of the best veterinary dental continuing education opportunities available, please visit our dental training center or call (719)243-6586 for registration information.



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