Introductory Courses to Veterinary Dentistry and Radiology in Colorado Springs

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Introductory Courses to Veterinary Dentistry and Radiology in Colorado Springs


Did you know that the doctors and staff at Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery teach hundreds of veterinarians and technicians each year at our Colorado Springs facility? 4-6 days each month students from around the country come to our clinic at the Veterinary Specialty Center to attend our popular courses. Dr. Patrick Vall, Dr. MJ Redman and Dr. John Huff are board-certified veterinary dentists through the American Veterinary Dental College. In total, they have taught thousands of veterinarians and technicians throughout the United States and the world. Dr. Vall recently lectured at the European Veterinary Dental Forum in the Netherlands and Dr. Huff lectured at a veterinary conference in Chamonix, France.


Introduction to Veterinary Dentistry and Radiology 


Our Introduction to Veterinary Dentistry and Radiology is the first course most veterinarians take and is open to veterinary technicians as well. The topics covered include 12 Steps of a Comprehensive Oral Health and Assessment Treatment (COHAT), oral pathology, instrument care, veterinary dental practice management, dental radiograph technique and interpretation.

Our Introduction to Veterinary Dentistry and Radiology course has no fewer than 4 instructors throughout the day. We pride ourselves in maintaining an excellent student to instructor ratio that maximizes personal professional attention for our attendees.


Your Experience


Because we strive for excellence, veterinary clinics in Colorado and around the country choose to send multiple doctors and technicians at the same time to our introductory courses. This allows them to experience the program together and return to their clinics energized to grow in their veterinary dental skills.

Something we’ve noticed over the years is that many veterinary schools do not provide their students with adequate opportunities in dental training. Our courses help meet that need for both the new graduate and seasoned practitioner. For many veterinarians, our courses cover topics they never learned about in school.


What Attendees Have to Say


Don’t just take our word for it. We frequently receive reviews from former attendees like the one below:

Hands down I can say that your courses have changed the direction of my veterinary career. Like most vets, I received limited dentistry education in school and truly disliked dentistry for years after graduating. When I completed the Introductory courses, I felt like a cloud had lifted! What was once so frustrating and anxiety producing became much more straightforward. The skills I learned were immediately applicable and usable in practice. It did not take long for me to realize that I actually LOVE dentistry and it has grown to be a huge part of my practice. This fall I completed both the Level III and the Feline Dentistry courses and found them to be the perfect complement to the previous courses. A big thank you to Dr. Vall, Dr. Redman, Dr. Huff and Dr. Guillory for being so personable and patient and being willing to share your knowledge base with general practitioners like me. Thank you!

-Dr. Molly Abernathy


Veterinary Dental CE in Colorado Springs


Colorado Springs is a destination location for many of our students that attend one of our courses. It is not unusual for our attendees to take part in our classes and then “head for the hills” to enjoy the beauty of Colorado. Winter provides a plethora of skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities. However, Colorado is not just a “fun in the snow” state. Our summers are glorious with hiking, camping, fishing and white-water rafting opportunities throughout the state.

If you are a veterinarian or veterinary technician who is interested in participating in one of the best veterinary dental continuing education opportunities available, please visit our website or call (719)243-6586 for registration information.


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