Are Dogs Mouths Clean?

are dogs mouths clean

Are Dogs Mouths Clean?


Here at Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery in Loveland, we get a lot of sloppy smooches from our furry canine friends. Is there any harm in a doggy kiss? Many of us grew up hearing that dogs’ mouths are actually cleaner than human mouths. But are dogs’ mouths clean in reality?


Is My Dog’s Mouth Cleaner Than a Human Mouth?


The general answer to this question is no, a dog’s mouth is not technically clean, and is not actually any cleaner than a human mouth. If we take a closer look into Fido’s mouth and compare it to that of a human being, we will find that he has an entirely different “ecosystem” or microbiome. This means that dogs’ mouths are home to an entirely different grouping of bacteria, making it difficult to compare the level of mouth cleanliness between dog and human. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

We do know that dogs have a greater amount of bacteria in their mouths, however, and that they sometimes lick or eat some pretty rancid things! We have all observed our dog eating something absolutely disgusting from time to time. We’ll suddenly notice Fido licking or eating something unidentifiable, and most likely rancid, off the sidewalk or in the backyard and wonder why in the world he would want to eat something like that. This is one obvious reason to suspect dogs’ mouths are not particularly clean. Along with this, most dogs’ dental care routines aren’t as frequent as that of their human counterparts. These are obvious reasons to believe a dog’s mouth is not especially clean.


Can I Catch My Dog’s Cold?


One reason myths around the cleanliness of a dog’s mouth may exist is because there are very few illnesses that can be transmitted between dogs and humans. Your dog can’t catch your cold if you accidentally sneeze on him, and you can’t contract his kennel cough.


Your Dog’s Oral Hygiene


A dog’s oral health should not be taken lightly. The unique bacteria living in your dog’s mouth, coupled with the various bacteria-ridden things your dog may eat, are more than enough reason to regularly clean his mouth. A lack of regular dental care will lead to all sorts of health issues, including periodontal disease, halitosis, and tooth decay. Because he can’t manage his own oral health, it is extremely important to schedule regular professional dental cleanings and find an at-home dental care routine for your dog. Your dog’s oral hygiene is a key part of his overall well-being.


Should You Let Your Dog Kiss You?


So there you have it. The simple answer to the question: “are dogs’ mouths clean?” is no. But if you want to receive a sloppy smooch from Fido, there is generally nothing to fear! The fact that your dog’s mouth bacteria is almost completely different from yours means his saliva is mostly harmless to you. In fact, a kiss from your dog is probably safer than a kiss from another human who shares similar bacteria with you. In order to keep your dog’s mouth as clean and healthy as possible, however, make sure to give Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery in Loveland a call today to schedule your regular dental cleaning!



Image by StockSnap from Pixabay (10/11/2018)