Veterinary Dentists in Loveland: Dogs Love Loveland! (and Fort Collins!)

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Veterinary Dentists in Loveland: Dogs Love Loveland! (and Fort Collins!)

Dog Dentist Fort Collins

Hello, my name is MooShu and I am a 10-year-old Pekingese.

And my name is Hazel Grace and I don’t know how old I am or what kind of dog I am.

We moved to Fort Collins, Colorado last year and we absolutely love it! Our mom, MJ Redman, works at Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists in Loveland where she is a veterinary dentist and oral surgeon. She graduated from Washington State College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998 and became a board-certified veterinary dentist in 2015. That means we get our teeth brushed and get dental chews every day and we get our teeth cleaned every year. But besides that, we have lots and lots of other fun activities that we like to do.

MooShu: I love water and dog parks, and Spring Canyon Dog Park has both. There’s a swimming area, a small dog area, and another area where you can run around and not get in the water if you’re not in the mood to get wet. Another favorite local spot is the Poudre River Trail. It has plenty of shady areas in the summer, but you have to watch out for that water because sometimes it is moving fast. Riverbend Ponds Natural Area is also a great place to run and play outdoors. It has trails and boardwalks and lots of water. Puddles and ponds are my favorites, but every time I get muddy, I have to get a bath.

Hazel: I’m not really a fan of swimming but I do like to go for trail runs and hikes. Pine Ridge Natural Area is one of my favorites because it has lots of prairie dogs. I think I would like to meet one, but they never stay out of their burrows long enough for me to get close. Lory State Park and Horsetooth Mountain Open Space have miles of great trails for hiking and sniffing. 

Colorado is famous for its outdoor activities, but it’s also famous for its breweries! There are over three dozen breweries just in Loveland and Fort Collins alone, and almost all welcome dogs. If you aren’t sure how your dog would handle that situation, you can take a class through Summit Dog Training just to learn how to behave at a brewery. The Promenade Shops at Centerra have all kinds of dog-friendly businesses and each one is marked with a special sticker if they allow dogs inside. Dogs are welcome in the common area and there are dog-friendly dining options as well.

Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery is just one of the specialty veterinary services at Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists. If we get really sick or injured, the doctors there can take care of almost anything.

Hazel:  Did you know that dogs sometimes need blood transfusions?  Lots of the Four Seasons employee pets are also blood donors for the local animal blood bank. I was a donor when I lived in Texas and I am going to start donating to help Colorado dogs too!

MooShu: I would donate blood if I could, but I’m too small.

The doctors at Four Seasons work together to make sure that every pet gets the care they need from nose to tail. For example, if your dog had an oral tumor, the surgery, dentistry and oncology departments would work together to find out what it is and how to treat it. Four Seasons is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. The emergency department is staffed at all times if you need urgent care. Our mom really likes working at Four Seasons because she gets to help so many pets. And we can’t think of a better place to live!