3 Best Dog Food Diets for Canine Dental Health

best dog food for dental health - frenchie in front of food bowl

3 Best Dog Food Diets for Canine Dental Health

We all love to feed our dogs, and they love it too. It’s part of what forms the bond between us and our dogs. And if we can feed our canine companions while giving them dental benefits at the same time, what an even bigger bonus!

Brushing our dog’s teeth once to twice a day is always going to be the top standard for oral home care. However, the mechanism of chewing in dogs is one of the natural ways that helps to decrease plaque accumulation. This means that safe dog toys and healthy kibble can do some of the teeth cleaning work for us. As veterinary dentists in Colorado Springs, we recommend feeding your dog kibble that is specifically formulated for dental health.

What Happens if You Don’t Care for Your Dog’s Oral Health? 

Plaque and tartar form in dogs’ mouths due to the combination of oral bacteria, calcium, phosphorus, food debris and saliva. When we are not able to brush this away, over time plaque hardens to form tartar and adheres to the tooth.  Once it gets to this stage, it needs to be removed with ultrasonic scaling under anesthesia at your veterinary clinic. When plaque and tartar are not removed in a timely manner, it leads to inflammation of the gums and periodontal disease. 

Dental Diets

There are many products that support oral care for dogs. Some are chews with a special coating, some are treats, but what about food you can feed every day without having to remember to give your dog a treat (or added calories!)?  How exciting to know every time you feed your pet you are aiding in their dental health!

Hills Healthy Advantage Oral +

Hills Healthy Advantage Oral+ diet includes many benefits for your dog. Not only is it for oral care, but it also contains ingredients that help with weight control, easy digestion and skin health. The kibble is larger in size than most diets and has a coating that assists in minimizing plaque buildup and halitosis. Dogs love it for its flavor and, because of the larger pieces, it can even help those who “woof” down their food in seconds to take it a bit slower. Hills Healthy Advantage Oral+ is considered a prescription diet and is available through most veterinary clinics.

Pro Plan Purina Veterinary Diets DH Dental Health Canine Formula

Purina Dental Health Diet is another great choice to consider. It’s specially formulated crunchy kibble texture is proven to significantly reduce tartar buildup. It comes in a large and small bite version to fit your dog’s needs and preferences.  This food is also considered a prescription diet and is available through most veterinary clinics.

Royal Canin Canine Dental Dry Food 

Royal Canin Canine Dental has a uniquely designed kibble and a proprietary ingredient that assists with curbing plaque and tartar build-up. The larger kibble size and stronger fiber-matrix helps “brush” the teeth as the dog chews. Royal Canin also comes in a smaller kibble size for smaller breeds. As a prescription diet, it is available at most veterinary clinics. 

Making the Diet Transition

Every dog tolerates foods differently. If you are already feeding your dog a diet from one the above-mentioned brands, transitioning will be even easier.  We recommend speaking with your local veterinarian or one of our veterinary dentists about which food may work best for your pet. 

Keep in mind that if your dog is allergic to certain proteins like chicken, beef or pork, these diets may not work well for them. Whenever you change your dog’s diet be sure to do it slowly–over 5 to 7 days’ time–to avoid upsetting the stomach. 

Veterinary Dentist in Colorado Springs 

When it comes to veterinary care, complete dental cleaning and full mouth dental radiographs are the best place to start. You will see the most benefit from the above diets when starting with a fresh clean mouth, free of plaque and tartar. These diets are not meant to remove the need for regular dental cleanings by your veterinarian. Perhaps they are most beneficial in dogs that have a predisposition to dental disease with an owner who is also brushing their dog’s teeth daily. Call us today to schedule an appointment.