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dog tooth abscess - dogs and cat with owner

It can mean many different things when we say a dog or a cat has a tooth abscess. Oxford defines an abscess as “a swollen area in a body tissue containing pus.” While an abscess always results from a bacterial infection, not all infections result in an abscess.

benign oral tumors in dogs - man and woman with their pet dog

The diagnosis of an oral mass in a pet can be a frightening thing for a pet owner. However, the majority of oral tumors in dogs tend to be benign, meaning they are often less aggressive and do not spread to other regions of the body like a malignancy.

dog and cat dental pain - dog licking cat in the snow

Our pets are amazing at hiding pain, especially dental pain. Pain is a sign of weakness in the wild, so they push through and do what they must to survive. They will continue to eat and act normally, all the while multiple teeth can be diseased and/or infected.

dog tooth luxation - black and white dog smiling

Dental trauma involves injury to teeth and the supportive structures that surround them. In canines, dental trauma often causes tooth fracture and tooth luxation. Both of these injuries are painful and affect the overall health of the pet.

Why is Good Oral Health Important for Your Pet?


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