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how to give a dog a pill after dental surgery - white husky

Giving our cats and dogs medication always tends to cause some anxiety among pet owners. When oral surgery is involved, this can increase that worry. As a vet dentistry clinic in Colorado Springs, we want to discuss the many options for how to give your pet a pill or liquid medication after dental surgery.

squamous cell carcinoma in cats - tabby cat lying on side

Oral Neoplasia (cancer) accounts for 10% of all tumors in cats. Approximately 90% of oral tumors in the cat are malignant. If you discover an oral mass in your kitty’s mouth, you should always bring her in for an evaluation due to their high rate of malignancy.

squamous cell carcinoma in dogs mouth - older brown lab and elderly couple

Oral Neoplasia (cancer) accounts for 6% of all tumors in the dog. Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the most common oral tumor seen in cats and the second most common oral tumor seen in dogs.

oral malignant melanoma in dogs - brown lab with tounge out

Oral cancer accounts for 6 percent of all tumors in dogs. Approximately 45 percent of oral tumors in the dog are malignant. Oral masses should always have an evaluation due to the high rate of malignancy.

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