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cat eating - wet vs dry cat food

When I first brought my cat, Wilbur the Wildcat, home five years ago, I had very little knowledge about the daily ins and outs of caring for a cat. I had been a vet for about three years at that point, so I had a broad knowledge base about feline diseases, cat behavioral problems, cat surgeries, etc.

small white dog sitting in field - dog swollen tongue

The tongue is a unique organ that is responsible for a diverse array of functions including vocalization, prehension and swallowing of food and water, chewing (mastication), grooming, and suckling in dogs. Additionally, the tongue aids in reducing body temperature (thermoregulation) during panting.

dog carrying large stick - what to do if dog’s mouth is bleeding

Dogs are mischievous creatures and are always getting into trouble. As their caregivers, we often wonder how to help them when their curiosity turns wrong. It can be alarming when our canine companions are bleeding

excessive drooling in dogs

Saliva is constantly produced and secreted into the oral cavity from a dog’s salivary glands. Dogs have four pairs of major salivary glands and several other minor ones that drain within the oral cavity.

Why is Good Oral Health Important for Your Pet?


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