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Cancellation Policy

Due to limited size of classes and the difficulty in filling open slots after payment for a class has been made, we cannot offer refunds for cancellations. If you need to cancel your participation, we will try to find a substitute to take your place. Upon confirmation of their reservations, we will gladly refund your tuition less a 10% administrative fee. Please keep in mind that last minute substitutions are very difficult to fill. We strongly recommend that you purchase trip insurance to avoid the expense of a class cancellation. Trip insurance policies can potentially reimburse you for tuition, cancelled lodging deposits, unused airplane flights and all other trip costs you may have already incurred. Some policies allow cancellation for documented health issues, while others allow you to cancel for any reason.

Dental Course Testimonials


"I’m a veterinarian who had little previous dental experience. I took one of my technician interested in dentistry out with me a few years ago for training and it absolutely changed how we practice everything related to oral health and surgery. The instruction was fantastic, from the boarded dentists to the very experienced technicians. It has changed the way we practice and has been a significant benefit not only to our clinic but especially for our patients!"

Dr. Jon Gose

"Just wanted to say how great the FelineDentistry CE was! It was amazing, important and pertinent to go over the behavior and handling part for cats. That was such forward thinking! I love the client manual, so thank you for that too! Not only was the information great, but it was very refreshingly well-rounded CE. Thanks so much again. We are all lucky to have taken this course!"

Jen K., DVM

"I have trained under Dr. Vall and team for nearly 10 years. He and his team are among the most skilled and compassionate veterinary dentist/oral surgeons I had the pleasure to work with. I hope to pattern my practice after his lead as he has definitely set the bar."

Kipp Wingo, DVM, DAVDC

"Thanks for an excellent overview of feline dentistry. My first procedure day back I had a technician owned kitty that required extraction of both maxillary canines, both mandibular MT's, and had severe type 2 resorption of maxillary pre-molars. I felt more confident in all of my treatment decisions! I will surely reach out to your practice with questions in the future. Thanks again for sharing your expertise! We will continue to try to send associates your way."

Hal Hawkins

"Hands down I can say that your courses have changed the direction of my veterinary career. Like most vets, I received limited dentistry education in school and truly disliked dentistry for years after graduating. When I completed Level I and II courses in 2013, I felt like a cloud had lifted! What was once so frustrating and anxiety producting became much more straightforward. The skills I learned were immediately applicable and usable in practice. It did not take long for me to realize that I actually LOVE dentistry and it has grown to be a huge part of my practice. This fall I completed both the Level III and Feline Dentistry courses and found them to be the perfect compliment to the previous courses. A big thank you to Dr. Vall, Dr. Redman, and Dr. Guillory for being so personable and patient and being willing to share your knowledge base with general practitioners like me. Thank you!"

Dr. Molly Abernathy