Are you considering a new dog or cat in your family? Whether you’re adopting an older pet or are bringing home a new puppy or kitten, Animal Dental Care wants to remind you about the importance of planning for maintaining your pet’s dental health throughout their life.

First, it’s very important to know that you should plan on regular veterinary care for your pet. This includes a yearly veterinary dental exam and cleaning. Do not be fooled into thinking a groomer who provides anesthesia free dental care is a viable method of pet dental care. Your pet should receive professional dental care from a veterinarian. You can learn about Animal Dental Care’s comprehensive pet dental cleanings for details about why a comprehensive cleaning with x-rays is important.

If you are adopting a pet from a shelter, you should have the dog or cat examined by a veterinarian and schedule their annual veterinary dental cleaning and exam. If you are bringing home a puppy or kitten, begin home care early so they are comfortable with having their teeth brushed and examined.

Please take the time to read about home dental care for dogs or home dental care for cats. These are steps you can take at home to help promote good pet dental health, just as you would for the rest of your family.

Lastly, remember getting a pet is an important decision as they require commitment and care from the whole family. But, when you do bring them home, your new dog or cat will be a source of laughter, companionship and loyalty for everyone.

Why is Good Oral Health Important for Your Pet?


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