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vet recommended cat dental treats

Dental treats are a valuable part of your fluffy companion’s daily oral home care routine. That’s because plaque accumulation occurs rapidly after a professional cleaning. If oral hygiene is not kept up on a regular basis, periodontal disease will likely recur.


healthy vs unhealthy dog gums

When it comes to healthy dog gums we often hear the question, “does my dog need a dental?”  A dental can mean so many different things. At Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery, we want to be very specific with an answer to that question. More importantly, we want you to know exactly what is involved with the answer to that question.  

dog breeds prone to dental disease

Dental disease is a widespread condition in our companion pet population. By three years of age, up to 80% of dogs and cats will have some form of periodontal disease. This statistic is not surprising considering oral home care is not seen as necessary by many pet owners. 


dog tooth infection -- yellow lab

Periodontal disease is one of the most common afflictions seen in companion pets. Teeth and the tissue that surrounds them (gingiva, tooth socket, etc.) can easily become infected. Daily oral home care in the form of tooth brushing, oral rinses, and dental treats are helpful to ward off periodontal disease.

Why is Good Oral Health Important for Your Pet?


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