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teeth misalignment in puppies - brown lab puppy

A new puppy is always exciting and brings energy into a loving home. Once settled, it is important to have your new puppy examined by your regular, family veterinarian.  It is standard to have young puppies evaluated at 8, 12 and 16 weeks of age or at the time of adoption for older puppies.


are dogs mouths clean

Here at Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery in Loveland, we get a lot of sloppy smooches from our furry canine friends. Is there any harm in a doggy kiss? Many of us grew up hearing that dogs’ mouths are actually cleaner than human mouths.


tooth grinding in dogs - dogs mouth

Tooth grinding in dogs and cats, or bruxism, occurs when the top teeth rub against the bottom teeth in a side-to-side motion vs. up and down. Constant grinding of teeth will cause dental wear (attrition) and can lead to discomfort of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).


cat gum health - cat relaxing on back

Your cat’s gum health is a key component to her overall health and happiness. It is important to keep an eye on her oral hygiene and to be familiar with the most common signs of health or gum disease. By being aware of your cat’s gum health, you can avoid the painful, potentially life-threatening, and costly issues associated with gum disease in your cat.

Why is Good Oral Health Important for Your Pet?


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