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treating feline mouth ulcers - tabby cat on a kitchen table

Oral ulcers in cats are lesions that occur in the oral cavity and can be quite painful. Treatment of oral ulcerations depends on the underlying cause. In humans, mouth ulcers are commonly called ‘canker sores.’

stomatitis in dogs - black and white dog with tongue out

Canine stomatitis, or CCUS (Canine Chronic Ulcerative Paradental Stomatitis), is an oral ulcerative disease. It is seen in all breeds of dogs but is more common in King Charlies Cavalier spaniels, terriers, and the Maltese.

toxic household items for pets

From harmful chemicals to various foods, there are many common household items that are toxic to dogs, cats, and other pets. At Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery, we know that pets often lick, chew, and swallow whatever they can get their paws on. 

dog pain opening jaw - woman holding dog around neck

If your dog appears to have pain opening his jaw, cries when opening his mouth wide or can’t open his mouth at all, he is probably experiencing an issue that needs to be addressed by a veterinary dentist. 

Why is Good Oral Health Important for Your Pet?


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