black and white dog with teeth showing - how to brush dogs teeth

How many times has your veterinarian pleaded with you to brush your dog’s teeth? This task may sound daunting and even a little dangerous, but with the proper instrumentation, technique, training, and a positive mindset, it may be accomplished.

white lab on wood floor - dog swollen mouth

The causes of facial swelling in dogs and cats are numerous and can vary significantly in size, shape, firmness, and location. The significance can also be quite variable, ranging from minor to life-threatening.

cat eating - wet vs dry cat food

When I first brought my cat, Wilbur the Wildcat, home five years ago, I had very little knowledge about the daily ins and outs of caring for a cat. I had been a vet for about three years at that point, so I had a broad knowledge base about feline diseases, cat behavioral problems, cat surgeries, etc.

small white dog sitting in field - dog swollen tongue

The tongue is a unique organ that is responsible for a diverse array of functions including vocalization, prehension and swallowing of food and water, chewing (mastication), grooming, and suckling in dogs. Additionally, the tongue aids in reducing body temperature (thermoregulation) during panting.

Why is Good Oral Health Important for Your Pet?


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