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cat dental toy - black and white photo of a cat playing with a toy

Shopping for pet toys is always fun, whether it be for dogs or cats! Squeaking, crinkling, jingling, or bouncing seems to be a big part of the decision making process. One factor you might not consider with buying a toy or chew is whether it can help with plaque buildup?

how to calm your dog at the vet - long haired greyhound

Medical visits can be stress-inducing for numerous species, including our canine companions. Anxiety can lead to unruly behaviors that may impede a thorough physical exam. Fortunately, there are options for how to calm your dog’s anxiety at the vet.

treating stomatitis in colorado springs - orange and white tabby cat with mouth open

Stomatitis in cats is a frequent condition seen in our feline patients that can have many manifestations. The term is most appropriately used when there is widespread inflammation throughout the mouth of a cat. 

how to give a dog a pill after dental surgery - white husky

Giving our cats and dogs medication always tends to cause some anxiety among pet owners. When oral surgery is involved, this can increase that worry. As a vet dentistry clinic in Colorado Springs, we want to discuss the many options for how to give your pet a pill or liquid medication after dental surgery.

Why is Good Oral Health Important for Your Pet?


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