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dog and cat dental pain - dog licking cat in the snow

Our pets are amazing at hiding pain, especially dental pain. Pain is a sign of weakness in the wild, so they push through and do what they must to survive. They will continue to eat and act normally, all the while multiple teeth can be diseased and/or infected.

dog tooth luxation - black and white dog smiling

Dental trauma involves injury to teeth and the supportive structures that surround them. In canines, dental trauma often causes tooth fracture and tooth luxation. Both of these injuries are painful and affect the overall health of the pet.

tips for hiking with your dog two dogs with kirchifs

One thing is for sure, living in Colorado provides ample opportunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors with our pets. We are lucky in Colorado Springs to have so many options for parks and trails just a few steps from our front doors!

risk of anesthesia in older dogs white senior dog laying in grass

A common concern we receive at Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery is whether it is safe to provide dental care to older pets. This is an understandable concern, particularly due to the risk of anesthesia in older dogs and cats, and I would like to discuss why dental care is necessary for older pets. 

Why is Good Oral Health Important for Your Pet?


Pet Dental FAQ's