dog mouth laceartion - dog jumping with stick

Oral lacerations occur infrequently in dogs, as compared to other lacerations on the body.  Commonly they are the result of trauma, such as sticks, dog bites, and blunt trauma. 


cat dental health - cat playful

How can pet parents simplify dental care for their pets and ensure their fur babies live happy, healthy lives? Dental health is an extremely important piece of your pet’s overall health. The same basics we apply to our own dental care also apply to pet dental care.


are tennis balls safe for dogs

Most dogs can’t resist the rubbery chewiness and fuzzy texture of a tennis ball, but are tennis balls actually a safe chew toy for your dog? While opinions are mixed on the subject, our team at Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery in Loveland agree that better chew toys exist for the dental and overall health of your dog.


Veterinary Dental ce Courses 2020

Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery offers veterinary dental ce courses for veterinarians and vet techs! Our veterinary continuing education (CE) courses are taught by board-certified instructors and will provide you with the skills and information needed to administer quality dental care.

Why is Good Oral Health Important for Your Pet?


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