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What is Cancer? Cancer is a challenging term to define. It is rarely a simple or single disease due to its relationship with the different body systems. Cancer may be referred to as a tumor or tumors. It may be benign or malignant. The former means that it is not expected to spread to other body parts. Malignant, the latter term, refers to the ability of the tumor to spread (metastasis).

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As a responsible pet owner, keeping a close eye on your dog's oral health is essential. This is one of the reasons veterinarians strongly recommend owners routinely brush their dog’s teeth. Not only does brushing help to remove plaque and slow the progression of periodontal disease, but taking a good look inside your pet’s mouth routinely is also a good way to catch anything that might be abnormal. 


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When it comes to the health and well-being of our beloved feline companions, proper oral care often takes a back seat. Just like humans, cats require regular dental care to prevent a host of potential health issues. Brushing your cat's teeth might seem like a daunting task, but it is a vital aspect of responsible pet ownership.

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Caring for your dog after tooth extraction surgery is essential to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery. Dental extractions are recommended if the health of the tooth or teeth has a poor prognosis. Dogs have 42 teeth, that's ten more teeth than humans and 12 more than cats. Dog teeth have a primarily pointed cusp on most of their teeth due to their carnivorous diet.

Why is Good Oral Health Important for Your Pet?


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