Wildlife & Zoo Dentistry

Dr. Woodward with Wolf - Veterinary Dentistry

Dr. Woodward has treated dental disease in many species of patients other than dogs and cats. Even though you probably do not have a pet lion, tiger, or bear, you might enjoy reading about their cases and seeing a few pictures of some of the wildlife and zoo dentistry cases that he has successfully treated.

New! Wildlife and Zoo Dentistry Cases 

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Other Wildlife and Zoo Dentistry Photos

Mountain lion

A beautiful mountain lion anesthetized and ready for procedure.

Canada lynx

Canada lynx being treated for dental fractures prior to release into a Colorado wilderness area.

Close-up of the teeth of a lynx.

White tiger

Like many captive big cats, this tiger had multiple fractured teeth that were abscessed. Root canal procedures eliminate the pain and infection.

Equine case
This horse had suffered a traumatic injury to his upper jaw, resulting in all of his upper incisors (front teeth) being dislocated out of normal position.

Upper incisors are dramatically displaced.

After re-positioning the teeth and placing inter-dental wire around the teeth.

Acrylic splint material has been placed around the teeth and wire for stability. The splint was removed four weeks later and the patient did well.