FAQ’s About Pet Dental Problems

1. How common are dental problems in pets?

2. My pet does not act painful so how can there be any problems in the mouth?

3. If dental problems are so common, why are they not seen in wild animals?

4. How do I know if my pet needs dental care?

5. How often should my pets have their teeth cleaned?

6. Why does my pet need to be anesthetized to have its teeth cleaned?

7. How safe is anesthesia for my pet?

8. What are the steps involved with a proper dental cleaning procedure?

9. Why even bother with home care for my pet?

10 . Can I just brush the teeth to fix all the problems in my pet’s mouth?

11. Are discolored teeth a problem?

12. Why is my pet’s breath so horrible?

13. Since I only feed dry food, why does my pet still have dental problems?

14. My pet seems to have some “double teeth”. Is this a problem?

15. Why do you need to take dental radiographs on some patients?

16. Why will my pet not let me brush its teeth, even after they have been cleaned?

17. My pet has a swollen area in its mouth. Is this a problem?

18. Why bother trying to save teeth? Why not just extract them?

19. Is a “natural diet effective in preventing dental problems?

20. Are reddened gums an indication of dental problems?

21. How do I know if my veterinarian is knowledgeable about dental problems?

22. Is dental treatment painful? I am worried that my pet will hurt afterward.

23. Are broken teeth a problem?