A Grizzly Sized Toothache!

Dr. Woodward the Grizzly Bear dentist.

Dr. Woodward the Grizzly Bear dentist.

Roosevelt is a Grizzly Bear at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, MT. Their organization provides an amazing home for animals who could not live in the wild for a variety of reasons and so they are fortunate enough to have been rescued and in the care of such a wonderful organization. In addition to being a home for these animals, they are also an educational center for visitors to the Yellowstone area.

In addition to providing expert veterinary dental care to pets, Dr. Woodward also has a love of wildlife and donates his time and expertise to treat painful veterinary dental disease and conditions for exotic animals like Roosevelt.

Extraction of tooth from grizzly bear - veterinary dentistry

Tooth in place next to extraction site.

Upon examination of Roosevelt, Dr. Woodward found that he had a broken infected upper incisor.

While it may seem that a wild animal as tough as a Grizzly wouldn’t notice a toothache, that would be far from the truth. Imagine you had a broken and infected tooth, and then imagine if your tooth was a big as Roosevelt’s!


Veterinary Dentist works on grizzly bear with broken tooth

Dr. Woodward taking great care to treat Roosevelt’s painful tooth.

Dr. Woodward extracted the tooth, which not only will make Roosevelt a much happier bear, it will also help to prevent the infection from developing into severe periodontal disease which would further compromise the adjacent teeth and jaw structures.

Roosevelt recovered well from his procedure, and he’s back to roaming his bear home. If you’re ever visiting West Yellowstone, stop in to see Roosevelt and his Grizzly friends!

x-ray of extracted bear tooth - veterinary dentistry

Radiograph of extracted tooth.